Road Journey into Tawang- Arunachal Pradesh

A couple of  years ago I made my first trip into  North East India. I visited Manipur, Nagaland and Meghalaya. I thought Arunachal Pradesh deserved a special trip.   Arunachal is the only Indian state  that still boasts of over 80 percent forest cover. Has some of the most spectacular bird species (150 of them) and rare mammals including the red panda and the snow leopard.

So in Jan 2012, after wrapping up a shoot in Guwahati, I hired a taxi for a 5 day excursion into Arunachal.  I had limited time and I had to pick a destination in the state. I chose Tawang. A  video of a road journey  into this paradise  of  far, far away.



They all wanted to help me with the directions to a lesser known Urgling monastery in Tawang and spoke at once competing with one another to be heard. (sanjay austa austa)


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  1. farah khan says:

    nice video

  2. farah khan says:

    yes its both nice video,especial appearance of kids in starting…..

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