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Taaza-Khabar: A Nation of Newspaper Readers

Taaza-Khabar:  A Nation of Newspaper Readers

Wherever he went in India, photojournalist Sanjay Austa, found people in rural and urban areas devouring the daily newspaper. Even in metros, where a large number of people use public transport. It was a stark contrast to what he had found abroad, in countries like the US, where people preffered reading books.

‘Let Things Unfold’ – Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry

'Let Things Unfold' - Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry however has an unabashed fascination for Asia. Africa comes a distant second. His images from these developing countries has invoked awe in the viewer, showered a kind of benediction on the subjects and contributed immensely to our knowledge of some of the lesser known cultures from these parts.

Through an Art Student’s Eye.

Through an Art Student's Eye.

Its always intriguing how the audience interpret your work- whether its a poem, a book, a film or photographs. Surfing the internet, I found this video presentation on three of my photo-essays by an art student in the US.