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    Varanasi : The Day the Music Died.

    Sadly today, the music is dying out in Varanasi. Living in neglect, the musicians now look at any opportunity to move out of the city. Music concerts are more on Bollywood themes, and Indian classical music as a consequence gets a short shrift. Students wishing to learn Indian classical music are few and far between and there is a real danger of some of the classical traditions vanishing and the old instruments falling silent forever.

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    Serengeti : Africa’s Endless Plains

    But when the herds begin to appear there is no ending. Miles upon miles in every direction, the wildebeests and zebras, the two species that intersperse casually with each other, dot the vast ‘endless plains’ (Swahili for Serengeti). Just like anyone else, I was there for the big cats and to tick off from my list the African Big Five. Eventually however it is the big herds that hold you spell bound.

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    Photography Notes

    “There is Something Beautiful in a Struggle”- Sohrab Hura Magnum Nominee

    Hura, is something of an antediluvian. He plays the part of the archetypal artist toiling away in i…

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    Photo Essays

    Pilgrims Progress. Muslim Palanquin Bearers of Vaishno Devi

    New Delhi-based photographer Sanjay Austa has always been fascinated by people who have faith, becau…

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    Bhimbetka Rock Shelters. India’s Oldest Art Gallery

    Our adoption of agriculture and the concomitant ‘civilization’ began barely 10,000 years ago. Th…

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    Thoughts/ Articles

    Paul Theroux. Under  Sir Vidia’s Shadow Still

    Naipaul was dealt not only on the chin but had been administered many a searing body blows by Thero…

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    Media/ Books

    How I Became  a Big  Loafer
    How I Became a Big Loafer

    In essence every photographer worth his name is in the business of loafing or should be. Henri Ca…

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