A Manali Taxiwalla’s Monologue.

The wealth of information you can get from your cabbie can beat any fancy guidebook hands down. No matter where I travel, I always needle  my taxi-driver for info and am rewarded with a  rich lowdown on local gossip, survival tips, inside knowledge on tourist scams  and much more.

Travelling in Manali (HP)  in the winter of 2012, it wasn’t too much of an effort to have my taxiwalla open up. In the one hour we were in his taxi he expounded on  the perils of marriage,  Rahul Gandhi’s secret Manali visit, his personal hygiene (or its lack thereof),  Delhi traffic, on how he tricks his clients to arrive on time, how to buy land in Himachal  etc etc in one long monologue. Here is the video of the ‘conversation’.


Colour looks great on the white snow. These two men had a colorful umbrella that contrasted so well with the white background of snow. (sanjay austa austa)

Manali, Himachal

7 Responses to “A Manali Taxiwalla’s Monologue.”

  1. Ramit says:

    Hahaha!! :p Nicely captured.

  2. Good One … 🙂
    A true experience .. They are I know it all 😀

  3. Harsha Swamy says:

    The real ‘Taxi Driver’.
    Wonderful. So glad to have found your blog


  4. farah khan says:

    very entertainment taxi driver!!!

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