Kanchenjunga Expedition- Rotten eggs and weather (Day 14)

As we while our days in Tapleyjung waiting for the weather to clear up i go around taking pics. Here i found two confused children.

3rd september: Rotten eggs and Weather.

The expedition is taking its weather cues from the Met deptt. Delhi which predicts one more cloudy-foggy day and a bright day from Sunday on.

Two cute Nepali boys in Tapleyjung.

Gary and I visit the helipad along with some of the OR’s and JCO’s to shoot and inspect the food items there. The helicopter pilots check the eggs and in the broken English proclaim they are all rotten. The Russian is with his wife/girl-friend and its not hard to notice the jawans immediately ogle over. He brings the eggs one by one to his ear and shaking them vigorously and making a disgusting face declares `its all rotten’.

A local Nepali man. This is the face that i cannot guess if the man is angry with me or is just a mild person.

For those among us who seem skeptical, he calls them over and breakes the egg against the egg-tray and when the sickly liquid pours forth he yells `see-see’ and on one or two occasions persuaded us to smell the egg. I smell it too and sure enough it was rotten. Before today I didn’t’ know the best way to check a rotten egg was as simple as shaking it next to your ear. If it made any squelching sound it was rotten.There are rays upon trays of these eggs in the helicopter and trays upon trays of them rotten along with the vegetables. Due to the protocol unique to the army all of these perishiables items had to be bought from Delhi which means they have been lying around for over a good 15 days.

The OR’s while their time at the Darjeeling Hotel. They were not allowed to go in to the town and were bored of all the waiting.

While we are at the helipad a chetak helicopter lands besides our MI-17 transport helicopter. It is then that the sheer size of our chopper comes into perspective. The Chetak helicopter looked like a small dragon-fly next to our mammoth. Pity I ran out of film.

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