Kanchenjunga Expedition-Days in Base Camp( Days 25- 27)

14-17 sep (Days in Base Camp)

I am not getting up early in the morning to get some good morning shots. It is very cold I am too lazy to check if it is a clear day to shoot. I have begun sleeping with my fleece, my socks-unwashed since 20 days I wore them- and my monkey cap to cover my tonsured head. The food is served early. Breakfast is at around 7 am in the morning. Lunch at about 1 noon and dinner for which I along with the rest of the members hardly have an appetite for,  is served between 7 and 8 pm depending on if there is a movie show.

The food had been very bland and tepid until Col Sharma arrived at the Base Camp with Lama-our cook and waiter on 16th. By 17th every member is in the Base Camp except  for Jaidev who is looking after the steady supply of provisions from Ramche to Base Camp.

The only phone call I made ever since my arrival in Base Camp was to my sister. It was really nice hearing her voice –though it was very erratic on the satellite phone . It brought back memories my nephew.

It snows an inch or two every now and then keeping me in my tent. I have done only 30 rolls till now and I seriously wonder if I’d be able to finish the 300 rolls we have bought.

I have finally laid to rest Seth’s `From Heaven’s Lake’ and have picked up Sir Francis Younghusband’s ` An Epic of Mt Everest. I am thoroughly enjoying reading it.

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