Gay in India


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Pictures of the Gay Community in India. Also pictures of the Gay Pride Parades. Not all people in these pictures are homosexuals. Some of them are gay rights activists and  friends and family of gays and lesbians.

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  1. deepa banshtu says:

    hey sanjay! i loved the pictures. i don’t know the nuances of photography but can feel the conviction in your work! simply…wow!

  2. sanjay austa says:

    Hey Deepa.. thank you. Appreciate your comment. 🙂

  3. saudamini says:

    I really enjoyed looking at these

  4. Salil Saha says:

    I am gay…pl help me

  5. N P says:

    hey…new website.. here am livng in california, usa.. would nice to find a gay friend from india to start a friendship n meaningful relationship.. have facebook.. am gujarati.. 25 slender cute looking sweet boi.

  6. Namrata says:

    Just a clarification. It’s Section 377 of Indian Penal Code.

    Apart from that, the pictures are beautiful. Great work!

  7. Rakesh. says:

    nice pics. I lik it very much. Thanxs.

  8. raj says:

    hi sanju….superb pictures… each one shows reality…

  9. sumadhur says:

    I liked the way in which the presentations went on…As I have a strong gay tendency since long as a bottom, I am interested in knowing more and more about gays of my country, especially of Bangalore. Basically am an artiste and researcher passionately interested in many beautiful aspects nature and culture.

  10. vikas says:

    Hey ! awesm pics!
    really nice,
    when will be the next gay parade nd whr?

  11. sunil says:

    really i feel very happy about all pictures. its so simple but its trying to say many conflicts…………..!

  12. Santanu Das says:

    Hello Sanjay, I have gone through de documentary u made on de Gay pride in Delhi. I appreciate ur work and compassion for homosexuals.I have an urge to work on documentary and ur works r interesting.I would like to assist u.If I can hlp in any of ur research work thn it would b worthy for me.Expecting for a positive reply.

  13. James Harrison says:

    I am a mature, responsible American man in his 70s. I have visited India once, focused on the North. I would like to come to India again in January – March and meet similar Indian nationals. I would prefer to be a paying guest in homes rather than live in hotels.

    I can offer references.

    James Harrison, PhD
    Clinical Psychologist

  14. Raghav sharma says:

    These pics are really too god..may i give a small suggestion, though i am not that experienced in photography at all. but because am a bottom gay, i felt there is something missing in these pics…or may be your theme was bit different…so i kindly request you to please make one more documantry in similar way depicting the real problems faced by LGBT, their feeling, emotions, and a kind of source material which can turn normal people mindset in order to understand us better…that we are also one among them.. m doing final year PG, so pls let me know if i can help you..thankyou…and great going …all the best

  15. Vineeth V says:

    The images are so sincere absolutely wonderful. You have got talent to find beauty in things that are kinda everyday affair to most.I am gay and I am delighted to see some happy faces in your photographs. Thanks a lot.
    Eagerly waiting for your next works,

  16. himansu says:

    hi sir,i like both man and woman…what shl i do?

  17. its Such a good sight. n you work with beautifully. I have such kind of thoughts in my mind I’ll be discuss with u soon as soon. I hope……..

  18. Gays In India. Indian gay community. Photos Indian Gays | Sanjay Austa

  19. darsen says:

    I am Indian 24 year boy lwant to work gay porn movie how it possible

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