Kanchendzonga expedition- Second Puja at Base Camp (Day 29)

19th Sep

They organise another puja at Base Camp today and I remember it more for the dance that followed it than for anything religious. There are (except Jadev, holding the Ramche fort) 21 members of the expedition team today and the sherpas who stayed over at Camp 1 came down for the puja too, making the Base Camp swell up in number.

I take almost 3 rolls today, most of them of the Sherpas and the team members dancing. The Sherpas, dance very differently from the other Nepalis. However I was so busy capturing them in my camera that I forgot to observe. Today I realise how  photography can often be done at the expense of observation. I had even read somewhere that a man can at best work on one of his faculties at one time. Engaging oneself in more than one does justice to neither. I must admit that while I try to keep my angle right my focus and exposure right I often miss out on the human details that can be observed in stillness of mind and contemplation.

Paldin was the chief dancer after the puja driving members in to laughter with this Pelvic thrusts . He has a similar grin pasted on his face all the while and this is a grin he has most of the time anyway. I have loose motions today and after having medicine doctor gives me my urine is the colour of beer.

5 Responses to “Kanchendzonga expedition- Second Puja at Base Camp (Day 29)”

  1. choladev says:

    Hi sanjay,

    I am sure the experience was as pleasant as it was harrowing. Tell me more about the army officers on the team. I am doing an article on officers of the Indian Army and your inputs might be invaluable.


    • sanjay austa says:

      Hi Chalodev, Yes it was an adventure. What do you want to know about the army officers on the expedition.? Let me know. Regards

      • choladev says:

        i am doing an article on ethics and psyche of the Indian army officers. perhaps your association with them during trying times may have helped you observe a few traits and characteristics. they may indeed prove invaluable in my research. i shall indeed be grateful to you for providing me with any inputs you deem fit.

  2. Have you made it to the peak….

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