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Jim Hubbard: “Photojournalism has Ended”

Jim Hubbard: “Photojournalism has Ended”

It (photojournalism) is nothing but superficial. You don’t get to know anybody. Not their struggles or their pain. Someone has been shot or killed and you come in and photograph those who are mourning the loss. You don’t get to know them or anything. You are just looking for a pictures of them crying. I wanted to understand people.”, he says.

‘Let Things Unfold’ – Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry

'Let Things Unfold' - Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry however has an unabashed fascination for Asia. Africa comes a distant second. His images from these developing countries has invoked awe in the viewer, showered a kind of benediction on the subjects and contributed immensely to our knowledge of some of the lesser known cultures from these parts.